26 February 2015

The February Issue Of Flash Frontier Is Up - And I'm Guest-Editing The April Issue

Flash Frontier is an excellent New Zealand-based online journal of flash fiction. The February issue is now online, full of good fiction such as lead story "The Ear of Dionysus" by Rachel J. Fenton.

Each issue of Flash Frontier has a theme. The theme of the February issue is "whispers".

I'm happy to say that I'm guest-editing the April issue. The theme for this issue is "iron", which you can interpret as you wish. I encourage you to submit. Please check out the submission guidelines, and follow them carefully - in particular, there is a strict word limit of 250 words!

This issue is open to international as well as New Zealand writers, and all genres of fiction are welcome. The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2015. I'm looking forward to reading your submissions.

While we're talking flash fiction, you might also like to check out National Flash Fiction Day 2015 and its associated competition. You get a whole 300 words for that one!


Rachel Fenton said...

Thank you very much for the lovely mention, Tim!

I'm looking forward to the April issue of Flash Frontier, I know it will be full of fantastic fiction.

Tim said...

Thanks, Rachel!

Michelle Elvy said...

Nice! We look forward to the iron issue too, Tim!