22 July 2019

Where We Launch and Where We Land

"Where We Land" on display

It's been almost a week since the launch of my novella "Where We Land", No. 1 in The Cuba Press Novella Series, at VicBooks Pipitea Campus - and now the book is out there in bookshops, making its own way in the world. Here's news of how to buy a copy, a Radio New Zealand interview, and the launch itself.

How to buy a copy of Where We Land

You can:

- buy it from a local independent bookstore that stocks it - in Wellington, I know that VicBooks and Unity are stocking the book
- order it through your local NZ bookstore. If you need the ISBN, it's 9781988595023
- or if you don't have a local NZ bookstore, order the book here: https://thecubapress.nz/shop/where-we-land/.

Radio New Zealand interview with Jesse Mulligan

I talked with Jesse Mulligan of Radio New Zealand Afternoons on Monday 22 July. We discussed what cli-fi (climate change fiction is), the climate emergency we face, the need for climate change fiction to work as fiction rather than polemic, and The Cuba Press Novella Series. Listen here:


Launch Photos

Photos by Mary McCallum for The Cuba Press:

Some of the audience for the launch

Janis Freegard launches "Where We Land"

Tim Jones reads an excerpt from the novella - as seen in Tom Cardy's Facebook video.

Photos by Constance Talbot: 

Paul, Adam, Bev, Mel, Ellen

Craig, Ryn

?, Leonie

Mark B, Mary, Harvey, Latika, Mark P, Clare

?, Dileepa, Kate, Constance

Tim, Peter, Kate

The name attributions are by me - if your name is missing or mis-spelled, please let me know and I will correct it!

I was very happy with the launch - thanks to the diligent efforts of VicBooks, The Cuba Press, and Janis Freegard who gave an excellent launch speech, plus everyone who came along! Thanks to Constance Talbot and The Cuba Press for taking launch photos.

"Mark B" in the third photo from bottom is Mark Blackham, whose climate fiction novella "A Sea of Wretched Shells" will be published as No. 2 in The Cuba Press Novella Series in December 2019. Mark read an excerpt from his new novella at the launch. I'm looking forwards to reading it.