27 November 2012

My Guest Post On Poetic Inspirations: The Swells Of The Quiet Ocean

No Tuesday Poem from me this week, but I've included several poems and extracts from poems in my guest post on the Poetic Inspirations blog, The Swells of the Quiet Ocean, which talks about my uneasy relationship with the sea in general and the Pacific Ocean in particular.

I'm very grateful to Maryanne Pale for giving me the opportunity to write this guest post for Poetic Inspirations - and I encourage everyone to follow her excellent blog.


Helen McKinlay said...

I love this description of your relationship with the sea Tim. You certainly started with the real thing.
Foveaux Strait has a reputation for being the roughest in the world and the Haast area is certainly pioneering stuff or was then. Your family were pioneers! Thank you for your honest sharing...I had the same experience in a river and it was not nice!

Tim Jones said...

Thanks, Helen! Haast is fairly rough around the edges even now (well, in 1989 anyway - I guess that is hardly "now"!)