04 November 2010

Bougainville Library Project Book Fair This Weekend

There's a book fair being held this weekend in Wellington to raise funds for a library in Bougainville on behalf of the Bougainville Library Project.

The book fair runs from 10am-4pm on Sat 6 November and Sun 7 November at the Portrait Gallery, Shed 11 , Wellington Waterfront.

The Bougainville Library Project also has a Facebook page.

This book fair sounds like a win all the way round for book lovers and for Bougainville, so I hope that, if you're in Wellington, you'll be able to make it along.


Mark Pirie said...

Thanks for letting me know. I went today, Saturday, and there's heaps of poetry books. Got quite a few for the Poetry Archive of NZ Aotearoa.

Tim Jones said...

That's good news! I'm planning to go tomorrow - I hope there will still be some books left...