24 August 2010

Tuesday Poem: Lockdown


Turbid sky,
uneasy ground.
The face of a guest
turned away at the door.

His hands like roses
hunch a cigarette.
I hear his boots
make full confessions to the rain.

Tim says:"Lockdown" was my contribution to the Winter Readings Poetry Wall in 2007. It is as yet uncollected.

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LentenStuffe said...

What a gem, Tim,

That last couplet is sublime.

Hurry up and 'collect' the damn thing!

Writer said...

Hi Tim,
Nice poem! Short but vivid. I know poetry is subjective so the message I got may not be what it was originally intended. Kudos to you!

Helen Lowe said...

Great, Tim!

Mary McCallum said...

Yep, very nice.

Tim Jones said...

Thanks, John, Claudia, Helen, and Mary.

John, I think this is one of those stray poems that might remain "uncollected" until I get round to putting together a collection called "Ominous Poems With Unspecified (But Possibly Eastern European) Settings". Which could be a while off yet.

AJ Ponder said...

It's a gorgeous, nasty, ominous little picture. I love the way you've painted it.

Helen Rickerby said...

I like it Tim. It is kind of strange to have these random poems that you like but don't quite fit in with the others. One day it'll find a home.

Tim Jones said...

Thanks, Helen! I had the first stirrings today of a new poem - the first I will have written since I finished the "Men Briefly Explained" m/s. Only problem is, the subject matter would have fit MBE perfectly. So much for my breakout to new poetic pastures :-)