07 June 2009

Voyagers Interview: The Podcast

Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand has just been published. You can buy Voyagers from Amazon.com as a paperback or Kindle e-book, or from Fishpond in New Zealand. You can also find out more about Voyagers, and buy it directly from the publisher, at the Voyagers mini-site.

This afternoon, National Radio in New Zealand played an interview that Arts on Sunday presenter Lynn Freeman recorded with Mark Pirie and myself about Voyagers. The interview is now available as a podcast in mp3 format from the Radio New Zealand website - the address to download it is


While you're in podcasting mode, you might also want to check out this Sunday Group discussion from earlier in the day about the Transition Towns movement - very interesting:


During the Voyagers interview, I mentioned - jokingly - the prospect of a second volume, given the number of poems we could potentially include, and the number of poets who have said they would like the chance to submit a science fiction poem or two. But what should the title be? I've got as far as Voyagers 2: The Voyaging. Anyone have a better suggestion?


Anonymous said...

Voyagers: The Next Generation (of course)

Grant said...

Loved the interview!

How about The Voyagers strike back?

Harvey Molloy said...

Great interview.
I'm not sure what I'd call Voyagers 2: Out there? Always leaving home?
Interesting question.

Tim Jones said...

Thanks, Pauline, Grant and Harvey - some great suggestions there. Here's a few more suggestions that have come in via Facebook and Twitter:

- Returners? Tourists? Itineraries? left luggage?
- Beyond Voyagers
- Science Fiction: Double Feature
- Arrival? (No, ABBA's already used that)
- Enterprise

Your further contributions welcome to what is, admittedly, a hypothetical enterprise (whoops, there I go again)

Philip Sington said...

Great stuff and enjoyably odd. Well done.
For the next volume, how about
'Voyager: Frequent Flier Upgrade'? Only kidding!