24 July 2012

Tuesday Poem: The Happiness Of Rain, by Jan Hutchison

This lanky child runs along the shore
cooling her feet in tidal pools.

Wherever she treads in spring
grasses are more tender.

On sultry days, she rides a pony
then with quick hand-slaps
divides its mane in two.

Sometimes she perches in forest
trees among pellucid ferns.

Their fronds are shining whorls
she tunes with her little finger
to any wayward wind.

Far down, the stream shimmers,
and the child sings a promise
to the weeks to come.

water   water
stars are winter’s flowers.

Credit Note: "The Happiness of Rain" is the title poem of Jan Hutchison's new collection, published by Steele Roberts. Watch out for my interview with Jan, which I'll be publishing here later this week.

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Elizabeth Welsh said...

Oh, this is such a NZ childhood poem! 'The fronds are shining whorls she tunes with her little finger' - calmness, stillness, tiny details that convey so much. Just beautiful. Thank for for sharing Jan's poem, Tim! Will look forward to the interview.

Tim Jones said...

Thanks, Elizabeth - and, as I know you know, the interview is now online!