28 June 2016

The Winter Readings Are Back!

I was going to do a blog post about British turkeys voting for Christmas (or, to put it in Marxist terms from a bygone era, false consciousness), but it's too discouraging - and negative. So I  shall blog about something good instead!

After a hiatus of several years, the HeadworX Winter Reading Series is back! Albeit in cut-down form, because this year it's a single reading:

You are invited to a poetry reading:

Winter Readings 2016 – Poetry Gees

This year’s Winter Readings celebrates the
return of Winter Readings itself, a popular event at
the City Gallery in Wellington 2003-2008. Each
event featured a tribute to an album or group.
This year’s readings form a tribute to the Bee Gees.

Sunday, 17 July 2016
Poets: MaryJane Thomson, Mark Pirie, Rob Hack,
Polina Kouzminova, Michael O’Leary and Jeanne
Bernhardt (Otago).

Venue: St Peter’s Hall, Beach Rd, Paekakariki.
Time: 2-4pm(see map)

Admission to the reading is by koha. Books for
sale from 2.00pm. No refreshments will be served.
The Main Street houses cafes and a bar close by,
for those who arrive early.

Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop (ESAW) will publish
an anthology of poems by the readers featured to
celebrate the event.

Winter Readings are presented by:

HeadworX Publishers

Paekakariki Community Trust

Poetry Archive Trust

Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop

I hope to run a poem from this booklet as a Tuesday Poem next week.

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