21 May 2013

Tuesday Poem: "technical difficulties"

technical difficulties
defeat the blogger:
ten thousand freezing hells!

I had intended to post Janis Freegard's poem "Alice Spider Discovers Surrealism" - from her new chapbook ... from The Continuing Adventures of Alice Spider (Anomalous Press, 2013): http://www.anomalouspress.org/books/alice.php - as my Tuesday Poem this week, but our home internet melted down last night as I was working on the post.

Though order and good government is now restored, it seems unfair to to waste the sweetness of Janis' poem on the evening air, so I shall save it for a more timely post next Tuesday. In its stead, this stanza of frustration.

1 comment:

Penelope said...

So that's Unfortuitous 1, Anomalous 0.

Looking forward to the rematch.