24 April 2012

Tuesday Poem: The White Stripes, by Mark Pirie


The White Stripes, man, they just come to play.
  No set list. Anything can happen.
They create, don’t need to fabricate.

Red, black and white; they come to play.
  Meg and Jack. Anything can happen
With Jack's old guitars; hard to tune in.

The White Stripes, man, they just come to play.
  They create, don’t need to fabricate.

(After watching the film, Under Great White Northern Lights, dir. Emmett Malloy, 2010)

Credit note: "The White Stripes" is a new poem by Mark Pirie, and is published here by permission of the author.

Tim says: Ever since I've known Mark - and that has been 15 years now - music has been a big part of his life, and that's been reflected in his poetry. His impressive list of publications includes a number of books and broadsheets on or inspired by music and musicians, so I thought this triolet in honour of Meg and Jack White made a nice appetiser for my interview with Mark, which will run later this week.

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Janis said...

Ah, takes me back to when I saw them at The Big Day Out a few years back.

Tim Jones said...

I've never seen them live - but when I think of The White Stripes, I always think of this: