17 July 2008

Earthdawn News: A New Novel, A New System

Two quick items of Earthdawn news:

My Earthdawn novel Anarya's Secret has become the head of a dynasty (well, a line of books, anyway). RedBrick has now released a second Earthdawn novel, Dark Shadows of Yesterday, to join Anarya's Secret.

Also, Redbrick and Wizards of the Coast have jointly announced a tie-up between Earthdawn and the mother and father of all roleplaying games, Dungeons and Dragons: Earthdawn Age of Legend Announced for D&D Fourth Edition.

Things are happening in Barsaive!


Lee said...

Great news, Tim! Continued good luck.

Aaron Stewart said...

Tim, does that mean there's future work for you in the series as well?

Tim Jones said...

Thanks, Lee, and good question, Aaron. I haven't talked with the folks at RedBrick about this, and I have my hands quite full with other writing projects at present. I do have the outline for at least one sequel to "Anarya's Secret" floating around in my head, though.

Thanks for asking!